September 7th–9th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Cox Media Group
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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring DjangoCon US, please contact Nancy Asche

We are committed to providing you the kind of exposure you need to the Django Developer community (by which we mean both those developing Django itself and those using Django to develop web applications of diverse kinds).

Perhaps you just need "mindshare": sponsor a lunch or a refreshment break, where your organization can be showcased appropriately for the open source world with your tailored materials.

Looking for people to work on your project or with your technologies? Sponsor a sprint (note: sprints are run by the DSF. The Python Empire will simply forward sprint funding directly to the Foundation, who will provide a direct receipt for tax purposes).

Want to hire an experienced professional, or one of this year's crop of students (note: student attendance at DjangoCon is heavily subsidized to maximize learning opportunities)? Use a bag insert to ensure all delegates receive an application form and complement this with diamond- or gold-level signage to keep your name at the front of their minds.

Diamond sponsorship includes organizational exposure at all levels of the conference, including logo presence on the introduction to selected video content (for those speakers who permit a commercial endorsement of their talk). All sponsors wanting banners displayed must provide their own banners for positioning by hotel staff at cost.

Tell us what you need your sponsorship package to deliver, and we will work with you to meet your goals. Please contact us with your requests and proposals.

Sponsorship Scale

Kryptonite (optional)
Major on-the-ground presence ideal for continuous coverage and mindshare both during the conference and in post-conference video feed.

Diamond (3)
Diamond placement on web site Full-page advert in program Sponsorship mention in press releases, mailings and program Banner signage opportunities (both halves of ballroom) Tote bag insert 2 session passes

Platinum (8)
Platinum placement on web site Sponsorship mention in mailings and program Banner signage opportunities (one half of ballroom) 1 Session pass

Gold (up to 15)
Gold placement on web site Sponsorship mention in program Fixed signage outside session rooms & in refreshment areas

Refreshment Sponsorship
You can sponsor a lunch or a mid-session break, either in addition to other sponsorship levels or as a stand-alone involvement.

Tote Bag Insert
For a fixed fee of $250 you can ensure every delegate sees your message.

Lanyard Sponsorship
For a fee of $500 your message can be literally hanging around all week.

Open Source Organizations
Selected open source organizations may be offered free or reduced-cost sponsorships at the organizers' sole discretion.